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Visual Fairytales of Ksenija Pašić

Lately I’ve been thinking how some events in our lives don’t happen randomly. I don’t know what cosmic force lies behind it, but I keep wondering what if something had happened a few minutes, hours, days, even years earlier, or later? What course would our lives have taken? Then I wonder whether we pay attention to the people who come into our lives and everything they bring with or take away with them. Every one of them has brought something in or taken away something from our lives. Well, thanks to that very cosmic force, one day in Zemun I crossed paths with a remarkable woman, an artist, a graphic artist with an Academy of Arts degree, Ksenija Pašić. I can’t really explain why we recognized each other among a hundred more people, yet we slowly entered each other’s lives.
It’s interesting that our friendship started growing even more spontaneously and so, for the first time I got to know a real fine artist. To be honest, at first sight I would never have guessed that she was into art. Her modesty and sincerity had me fooled, but later when I saw her work they helped me get the whole picture.
By using graphic art Ksenija chose a more difficult way to present the beauty of art. She graduated from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad at Graphics Department under the mentorship of professor Živko Đak.  While still a student she exhibited her works in Belgrade during the IX Biennial of Yugoslavian Student Graphic Arts. She has been a member of Association of Fine Artists Organizations of Vojvodina since the year 2000. Her life and the wish to have her art cross the borders of our country took her to Paris. She lived and worked there for two years. During that period she polished the technique of painting on silk and fabric. In 2005 she had one group and one solo exhibition in Paris. She became a member of Les Cercles d’Arts association as well as La Maison des Artistes organization. She came back to Serbia and made a decision to share her knowledge and skills with others. She started working as an Art teacher in a school in her hometown Bečej.
Why did the two of us meet? We met because we had decided to change something in our lives. Ksenija had decided that it was time for her art to leave the studio in Bečej and freely discover new horizons. Inspired by some new internal events she goes from one technique to the other thus broadening her talent and taking it further to other spheres of art. It all results in her making a decision to take everything she had been hiding in her studio in Bečej and let it freely float and find its way to all those souls who are as much in love in art and nature as she is.
While running a race with time, modern man is unaware of all the beauty nature so generously offers us through its unique shapes, colours and textures. All this Ksenija has been trying to take away from the moment and save it for eternity by using a carbon stick, Indian ink or a pencil. Sometimes it is oil painted on canvas and other times it is presented with moulding clay. That is why her works of art are based on motives from nature, her attempt to record it and thus save the unique moment, the emotion, the atmosphere, in order to bring a smile to the face of the observer. Her works of art awaken emotions inside the observer, thus bringing about a change in the flow of thoughts, and by joining the spiritual with the material they create a positive reaction.

Neda Petronic

The art of Ksenija Pašić is the art of balance, purity, sometimes serenity, but more often the art of unlimited happiness, deprived of agitating, depressive topics.
As a person in love with nature, she is often inspired by it. If not by nature, Ksenija Pašić is inspired by the art of various nations she met during her life, which left deep traces on her art. Interested in the texture of material, she takes alredy finished products from nature, models of living and unliving universe. She actually fixes her adventure, reality experience and visual impressions. Her painting is always clear and simple, unburdened by messages, proclamations, or psychological topics. It is the art of pure decoration in which sometimes she succeeds putting in symbols, turning it into a complex work of art.

Sel Gabriela – Art historian

The restless spirit and unlimited energie of Ksenija Pašić contributes to creative and productive work, letting us look into the art of sensation. By using various techniques, she shows us her wealth of expression. She unreveals the contents of the mystical ornament and coplex symbols. She places her ideas on paper, canvas, T-shirts, on frames, scraves, sometimes by using wire and nylon and many more. Symbols of life dominate in her work. The signs of vanishing and then again, begining. Rising and falling. Restlessness and tranquility. Unconsciously Ksenija Pašić realized that returning to archaic was actually being modern. Experiences from the past different cultures, and being universal characterizes her work. By the system of repetition (conscious believing) , Ksenija forms her own, intimate world, breathing life into everyone who recognizes the true joy of creation.

Danilo Vuksanović – Masters degree of Arts